The Girl Behind the Blog…

I am a twenty-something from small town, USA, which I never thought would get me to where I am today. I am finally starting to appreciate being from the middle of nowhere.

I am a graphic designer in Southern Minnesota at a company called Vivid Image that specializes in website design and social media for small/rural businesses.

Alongside design, I am also an avid photographer. My camera has become a permanent part of my life. I enjoy shooting landscape, action/sports, and portraits. Really, I will photography almost anything.

My dreams are too big for my small world, but I’m trying my best to make them come true one at a time. I love being given a challenge, the fear of failure reminds me that there is always something to lose but more to gain. I am working at living one day at a time to create life stories that will be interesting enough to retell one day.

Thanks for visiting, stop by again soon!

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