September 29, 2011

Beautiful Interiors: Kitchens

I think I've been watching too many interior design/decorating tv shows. I want to do an overhaul on my apartment now..or at least what is possible to with a rented space. I can't wait to own a place of my own so I can paint, properly hang art and photos, and whatever else I need to do. 

This past weekend I found a great old locker at an antique store that would make great craft storage. I'm dying to get it and fix it up. However, pretty sure it won't fit in my car...Sad day. Maybe I can figure something out one day soon. 

How great are those kitchens? Love the white/off white cabinets. It gives the space such a clean, modern look. And it allows for the different splashes of color to change with the seasons through flowers, towels, accessories. The kitchen is probably one of my favorite rooms in a home, besides a great office space. 

September 28, 2011

Fancy Mac 'n Cheese

This past weekend I was watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Once of the restaurants made this decadent mac 'n cheese. I just had to try and make it. Delicious, but rich. Definitely "stick-to-your-ribs" comfort food. And bring an army because this makes a ton!

For those that are gluten free, substitute brown rice or corn noodles, cornstarch for the thickening agent, and a slice of gluten free bread crumbled (perhaps throw it in the toaster/oven and toast it up a bit).

September 26, 2011

Autumn, You Have Arrived

My favorite season, like many others, has arrived! Autumn/fall, whichevery you prefer is the best. Not to hot, not to cold, and everything turns beautiful colors. Friday after work the sun was shining just right so the camera and I had to go for a walk. In the morning there were gorgeous rays of sun poking through the trees outside the office, but of course, my luck I didn't have my camera with me. Hoping that happens again soon.

September 22, 2011

f8 and the Rebirth of Facebook

Did you guys see the news that came out today? Yesterday's changes on Facebook are just the start of something major. Today at f8 Mark Zuckerberg presented what will be coming in the next few weeks. Check out the big changes headed for your Facebook:

What do you think of Timeline? It's interesting and I am excited to experience all the other changes first hand. I've never really thought about how much of a role applications played into Facebook. Companies like NetFlix and Spotify are connecting now too in ways unlike before. (See the last video, about the 5 minute mark to see a bit.)

A taste of the 2 hour keynote presentation from f8 this afternoon.

It's been interesting working at a web design firm that has a focus on social media for their clients. It just makes a point in how social media has impacted our lives. Companies rely on it to connect with their customers just as much as we rely on it to keep connected with each other. 

I was reading some information today about how consumers view the "like" button for companies. It's interesting how different generations think about it. The older you are the more you expect out of "liking" a company, such as discounts, the ability to know about new products and services before everybody else, coupons, or whatever. Then I got to thinking...What about those companies that have 50,000 people that "like" them? How the heck do you give that many people special treatment just because of a "like" button? But there's the generation gap I guess. The younger you are, the more you want to share your individualism by what you "like" or just to support the companies you enjoy. I "like" things because I like to support my favorite brands/stores/organizations/etc. Why do you like the companies/services/organizations that you well..."like?"

The new interface will definitely be a change and I'm sure people will HATE it. But just remember, with how fast technology changes, the programs that use that technology have to change just as quickly. And there's always competition out there and if you want to stay number one, you must be innovative. If you stay the same for too long you get left in the dust. 

Social media has changes our lives...forever.

September 21, 2011

Fonts Are Our Friends

Wonderfully designed little vid by Veer. Fonts are our friends, never forget that.

Designed by Poly in Ontario, Canada. Just gorgeous.

Jaw dropping work by Dominique Falla. How gorgeous?

September 19, 2011

An Afternoon @ Target Field: Pt. 1

On Saturday I went to see some baseball at Target Field for the first time since it opened last season. And the Twins kept up with their losing streak. That's alright, I guess, it was just good to be at a game. Good way to end the summer. It was cloudy and nasty until half way through and then the sun came out and it was gorgeous. Can't wait until next season to spend some more time watching baseball.

This set of photos is from the outside. We spent sometime walking around before we headed in. Didn't get there as early as we were hoping, it was pretty crowded when we got there. I really want to photograph Target Field like Michael Cuddyer has been doing all season during their away games. Hopefully next summer.

Tomorrow I will post the rest.

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