September 29, 2011

Beautiful Interiors: Kitchens

I think I've been watching too many interior design/decorating tv shows. I want to do an overhaul on my apartment now..or at least what is possible to with a rented space. I can't wait to own a place of my own so I can paint, properly hang art and photos, and whatever else I need to do. 

This past weekend I found a great old locker at an antique store that would make great craft storage. I'm dying to get it and fix it up. However, pretty sure it won't fit in my car...Sad day. Maybe I can figure something out one day soon. 

How great are those kitchens? Love the white/off white cabinets. It gives the space such a clean, modern look. And it allows for the different splashes of color to change with the seasons through flowers, towels, accessories. The kitchen is probably one of my favorite rooms in a home, besides a great office space. 

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