December 30, 2010

A Year Past -- A Year Forward

Wow, I cannot believe another year and come and gone. And man, did a hell of a lot happen this year. I guess its that time to remember and look forward! 


ONE My Senior Portfolio Presentation. Seven months ago, SEVEN months ago, I presented my portfolio. It seems so long ago...but yet, I remember it like yesterday. That's what every Design Technology student works towards in order to graduate. I spent all week before my presentation not sleeping, rehearsing, prepping, not eating, stressing, and living in Bridgeman Hall. But it was all worth it, my presentation was everything I had hoped for, everything I had ever wanted when I watched my first presenter go through it way back my freshman year. All of my hardwork paid off and my presentation went off without a glitch!

TWO One job...Two jobs...Three jobs. I have had three jobs this year and each one was/is an adventure. 
One) My ARHD job. It was one of the best years of my college career. 
Two) Resident Advisor for Upward Bound. I miss those kids! 
Three) My current job as a Media Production Designer with Digi-Key. I am now a grown-up. 

THREE Madison Trip. I went on a week long trip with Upward Bound to Madison and it was fantastic! House on the Rock, Cave of the Mounds, The Henry Vilas Zoo, WI Dells, State Street. I cannot wait to go back! 

FOUR FRIENDS! Spending time with my friends, new and old, I miss them SOOO much. Green Mill dates, BBQs, movie nights ("Carpe the Diem. Seize the Carp!" "Did we just become best friends?!" Yep! "Wanna go to karate in the garage?! Yep!"), skateboarding, snowboarding, shopping, Keg, etc. The list could go on, and on, and on.  
It has been a year of making new friends with all of the jobs I've gone through. I love meeting new people. That's one of the things I love about the Human Resources type jobs and it's one of the things I miss most about college and my Residential Life jobs. 

FIVE Spending time with my friends, I miss them SOOO much. Green Mill dates, BBQs, movie nights ("Carpe the Diem. Seize the Carp!" "Did we just become best friends?!" Yep! "Wanna go to karate in the garage?! Yep!"), skateboarding, snowboarding, shopping, Keg, etc. The list could go on, and on, and on.  

SIX  Getting to do the things I never had time for in college. Mostly, all the crafty things I've been up to, the crocheting, kind of sewing, and my blog. I'm glad I have time for things like this now! 

SEVEN Becoming a grown-up...Or at least, getting a good start. In this category I'm going to put, getting closer to my parents. I think that's a huge part of growing-up and realizing that they aren't as bad as they seem. I started paying my own rent and paying off my student loans. I like being independent...I kind of thrive off of it. 

I LOVE this poster and the sayings are so true. I think this is something I'm going to live my this next year. I live my life looking forward to the things I get to do. It keeps be going day to day. 
Image found here.


ONE Be more healthy. I know, it's on everybody's lists and it's something I've been trying to do every year. College was a difficult time, being busy, running here, running there, and just eating whatever was around. I definitely didn't make time to work out...because I could never really find a good time. So for 2011 I'm going to: 
One) Do my yoga 4 times a week until it gets nice out again and I can integrate running (hopefully in the mornings before work). I must get in shape for the wedding I'll be in later this summer. 
Two) Eat better. Since I've started my job this is something I've been better at. I only eat out twice a month, and those are dinner dates with a friend and when I go home. I've been doing a lot of cooking and making my own food. I like it. 
Three) Stop biting my nails. I was doing so well at this, then got frustrated/bored with something at work and gave in. (I figured habits could be health related...)

TWO Start an Etsy Shop. Hopefully I can do this late January/early February. I need to get my butt in gear making things. I have been making Christmas and birthday presents and haven't really been making things that I could sell...I got to get going! 

THREE Seattle. I think there's only a couple people who know the true meaning of this. 

FOUR Design more. Since graduation I really haven't been doing too much design work. I feel like I'm kind of losing it. So I'm hoping that I can do something design related once a week...or biweekly. More than just a rinky-dink banner for Handmade on Sunday, but a typography poster, or logo, or something else. If any of my designing friends want to join in with me so we can keep each other on track, give critiques, etc., let me know! 

FIVE Save Money! I haven't been doing do well at this so far. I'm pretty disappointed in myself. But being broke while starting a job, my student loans kicking in way to soon after starting my job, Christmas...Yikes! So yes, save money. Making my savings account look good for the first time....well ever. 

Well there's my thoughts on the year past...on the year to come. I really like this time of year, getting to look back and getting to look forward. Like I stated under the poster, the future drives me. There are so many things I want to accomplish and knowing that makes every day worth living. 

Alright, well back to watching Chuck and starting a new project. 


December 28, 2010

A Couple of Recipes

Tonight I had the ambition to cook. Mostly, I had a craving for homemade potato salad. So this recipe is actually kind of a thrown together one of whatever I had in the fridge that could be used to make it...But it turned out pretty good. It is kind of a combination of things my mom taught me when making potato salad and a recipe I made this past spring.

FYI: When experimenting, I'm not one for measuring...Hence, the "dollops" and "pinches." That's just how I roll.

Whilst cooking said potato salad, I decided to make myself a grilled cheese...But a crazy version of one. Once again, I kind of just looked in my fridge and whatever I saw looked good, I threw on. Tonight was kind of a haphazard cooking night. 

Since I've got two recipes going on here, I decided just to put on the fancy recipe cards. To see the recipe card bigger, click on it. If you are still having a hard time with it, let me know. I'll get ya a plain text version. 

Happy Eating! 


December 27, 2010

Winter Bliss

So here are some of the photos I took over Christmas...I have a lot of them and for some reason today I'm impatient and way too antsy to sit here, which is very strange because my second favorite part of photography is the editing. Oh well, its just one of those days, I guess.

On the drive home. I've passed these twice now and finally got to stop this time. Some old guy passed me and looked at me like I was crazy or something...


One of my favorite places to be. I found some awesome thrifty things at one of the stores, here to find out, they only take cash. And when I take my camera around, all I carry is my ID and cash card. I had to say good-bye to a vintage camera ($4!!!), an awesome old champagne bottle ($1!!!), and some sheet music I was going to use for...something (also a $1). It was sad. But hopefully next time I go home, which looks like this weekend, I'm going back to reclaim those wonderful prizes.

On the farm. It's all in the details, I swear. 

At first...I wanted to make this picture look creepy...Then I decided not because that sky is just too beautiful.

I <3 snow. 

My pupppp-eh. We were having tons of fun playing in the snow. She moves so fast, its difficult to get a good photograph. She's not too big, but she's strong. Almost knocked me flat on my back a few times after running straight into my knees. 

Christmas decorations. 

And last, but not least, my faaaaaavorite photo. Gorgeous. 

At some point in the near future, I'll post some more. I have no idea what my problem is right now, at work I wanted to fall asleep and now I feel like I could run around like a little kid. Time to get some of this energy out. 


December 26, 2010

A Sneak Peek Into the Week

Yeah...I just rhymed. There also some other thoughts thrown in here too.

I hope everybody had a fantastic Holiday weekend! Mine was nice and relaxing. Didn't do too much at all. Got some of my own personal shopping done (lots of craft supplies!) and got to spend time with the fam. I also to get in some camera time and crochet time. Today I came back early and rearranged my apartment. I think it looks better now :)

A photo sneak peek from the weekend.
It was a gorgeous, cold, frosty winter wonderland this morning. 
Loved it! 

Some things to look for this week:
-A new peek into the rearranged apartment.
(I gave myself a bedroom, living room, and office...All in my little box. Impressive, I know.)
-Some new crochet goodies I made over Christmas.
(Whoot! And maybe some other crafty things too.)
-More wintery photography
(Very excited to do some editing.)
-The New Year!
(Can't believe another year and come and gone...)
-Maybe a new recipe? We shall see.
(I got a blender, well my mom's old one, and a new handmixer for Christmas and they must be tested out!)
-Hopefully some design work too.
(I have some ideas that are a-brewin' in my head, just need to get that motivation to get them into the computer.)
-Some thought provoking blogs...
(I've had some things on my mind influenced by the media, since the media plays such a HUGE part of our lives. I like these kinds of topics!) I will start with this one:

Dad and I watched the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps on Christmas Eve. I didn't understand half the mumbo-jumbo fancy accounting terms in the movie, but the storyline was really good. I don't know how much of it is actually true since it's a movie, but if real life Wall Street people are like that, no wonder why the economy is in shambles. People are greedy and money seems to drive that greed.
I think its sad how much money drives our lives and has such an impact on our happiness. College taught me that most of the time (mostly in clothing and food) name brands don't necessarily mean anything. I don't remember the last time I paid the full tag price for a piece of clothing. But, I learned from a class in college that stores can put up to a 100% markup on clothing...So that sales price should actually by the regular, non-sales price. Sad, huh? Don't worry, I'm guilty of the name brand game too, mostly when it comes to my technology and the things that make me good at my job. I'm an Apple, Adobe, and Canon girl and that's some spendy equipment/software right there. I guess instead of over indulging on the clothes, I prefer to spend it on technology...
Anyways, I had a two hour drive back to my current life to think about some of these things and how materialistic our society is, whether that be by clothes, cars, technology, crafty things, food, etc. We all get our kicks somewhere.

Image found here.

The movie was really good. Check it out, the acting is really great and there some awesome cinematography and graphics work in it. Plus, the apartments are awesome (can't imagine what the rent would be...) and the NYC skyline is to die for. I love New York City and cannot wait to visit again.

Alright, well I have to go calm my mind down after all that money talk. Must get up early for work tomorrow, but its a short week again!


December 23, 2010


Hey Everybody, 

I hope that each and every one of you has a FANTASTIC Holiday and a GREAT New Year! Enjoy the time off from work and the time with your family, friends, or whom ever it is you're spending this holiday season with. 

I'm heading home tomorrow morning and will be gone until Sunday. I won't be posting anything until then but hopefully I can come back with some fun stuff. I plan on breaking out the camera and getting some wonderful wintery Christmasy pictures and crocheting. I made a prototype of an iPod case, so I hope I can perfect that. I also have a scarf in the works inspired by The NERD Machine that is becoming a pain in the butt but will hopefully turn out looking epic. 

I'm off to finish my packing and wrapping of last minute Christmas gifts. In the process I will be listening to the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song...And probably some good old jazz music to go along with it. I leave you with a new headband and mess of clothes in the background (oh the joys of packing.) 

It's cream with a navy blue flower. 

Have a good weekend! 


December 21, 2010

Hectic Holidays

The White Hot Chocolate recipe seemed to be very popular! Hopefully after this week I'll be able to post some more stuff like that. I need a paycheck. The last one came just in time for it to be spent on Christmas presents.

Today, I present to you...A bunch of random crap. I'm not too organized this week. Still trying to finish up some last minute Christmas stuff so my precious few hours after work have been dedicated to that. But here are some things I have been working on (all Christmas presents):

Tomorrow at work, my department is having an Ugly Sweater and Food Party. I slacked/forgot about it this weekend on my shopping excursion...So my ugly sweater isn't as ugly as I was hoping for...Oh well, I will only be wearing this tomorrow, no reason to spend tons of money. But I made myself a headband to go with it :)

I had a really good conversation about minimalist design work today at work with a co-worker. I had found this article that I find frustrating. I am a good graphic designer who can achieve successful minimalist designs...I am not lazy. I find that its actually more work for me to simplify my designs. Take that.

I also have been inspired by Apartment Therapy to maybe look into getting another degree, perhaps in Interior Design. It's a thought that literally just sprang into my head. I may look into that...Who knows.

Well, I'm off to finish this headband I have sitting in my lap. Hopefully I can post something a bit more productive tomorrow...

Hope you're having a good (short if you're in the working world, long if you're on Christmas Break) week.


December 19, 2010

Kar's Homemade White Hot Chocolate

Just in case that's too hard for your to read: 

Kar's Homemade White Hot Chocolate
1 1/2 cups milk
2-3 tablespoon white chocolate chips
couple drops vanilla
very small pinch of salt

1. Put milk and chocolate chips in saucepan 
2. Heat over medium heat, stir with whisk until chocolate chips are completely melted 
3. Add vanilla and salt
4. Put in mug with candy cane
5. Enjoy!

I'm not a huge fan of regular chocolate, but I really like white chocolate and I've been craving a white hot chocolate all weekend. I got one yesterday at Starbuck's before I left Grand Forks. I figured I could probably make the same thing for a lot cheaper. I was looking up recipes online and they all seemed to need heavy cream and some other crap. I wanted to keep it simple, just the necessities. So I just started throwing things I had in a saucepan tonight. 

You can adjust how much chocolate chips you want to your liking. I don't have a huge sweet tooth, that's why I added the salt, just to balance it out a little bit. I'm also assuming that you can do the same thing with regular milk or semisweet chocolate chips too. 

Try it out! Hope you like it


Minnesota Beautiful

This weekend I pretty much did all of my Christmas shopping. Yay for almost being done. And while running around the countryside I snapped a couple of photos with my phone of the winter bliss of northern Minnesota:

Middle of nowhere.

I wish I would have taken a few more pictures. The colors were amazing this weekend. 

So I wanted to see what else I could find of Minnesota Winters on the wonderful internet...

It seems that frost like this only comes out when I have to work...
Image found here.

Image found here.

Image found here.

I can't wait for Christmas. I'm hoping downtown Fargo looks like this. It will make some good photography, especially with Christmas stuff up :)
Image found here.

Image found here.

I'm exited to go home and take some photos like this, too. 
Image found here.

Image found here.

To finish off, a few more of my own Winter Wonderland pictures: 

 Bemidji, MN. Gosh, I miss this town.

This has easily turned into one of my new favorite winter photos. I've been revisiting some old stuff while writing this post. Icehouses out on Lake Bemidji. 

Out having fun with the snowmobile. 

Thief River

A new home for me...

I hope you get the chance to get out and take some wintery photographs too. 


December 17, 2010

Friday Funday Finds

1. I found this is my mailbox today :) Homemade goodies from home. Yumm, cookies and fudge.

P.S. Sorry guys, you don't get my address today. 

I keep munching...They're not going to last very long. 

2. These super cute hairpins on Etsy. I really want them. 

This whole shop has amazing things in it.

3. Great prints on Apartment Therapy. I love this site. It is increasingly becoming a huge favorite. 

4. CHALKBOARD WALLS. I sooooooo want one and cannot wait until I have a place and design firm that I can do whatever with. 

Once again, Apartment Therapy. Check out more images from this fantastic apartment here. The furniture is amazing. 

5. A tasty recipe for roasted mushrooms from Smitten Kitchen. It was my supper tonight. Now my apartment smells of garlic. 

6. I love Alice in Wonderland. These designs are amazing. Check them out at DesignWorkLife

7. Seattle. Okay, so its not really a find...But a friend and I are planning a trip there this summer and I'm sooo excited! It's my current "I absolutely cannot wait for" thing. My camera and I are getting pumped beyond belief. 

Photo found here

I have some photo requests to work on for people and a headband to make for a friend. Creativeness is on the way. After a night out with friends seeing a local band. Happy weekend! 


December 16, 2010

A New Hat :)

I've been slacking on the blog posts...I know.

Here are some things that have not made this week too incredibly long:

1. I went out last night with people/friends from work. It was the first night I didn't do nothing. It was nice and felt good to socialize again. I miss that about college so much.

2. I found some awesome new stuff by The Daylights. If you have never listened to them, you must. They are pretty amazing. They remind me of Kings of Leon, so if you like them, you'll like these guys.

3. Its Pay Day! I can finally do my Christmas shopping!

4. I also made a new hat:

Cream beanie with vintage green flower.
Want one? I think I'm going to set up my own Etsy shop in the near to hopefully not to distant future. 
In the mean time...Comment, email, Facebook. 

5. I found this calendar and if anybody wants to get it for me for Christmas, I would love you for life. 

Found at this epic Etsy shop: Dirty Bandits. They have some amazing screen prints. I really want this calendar. Its such a creative and fun idea. Now I want to design a calendar. Weekend project maybe?!

I'm off to eat with a friend. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! 


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