December 13, 2010

Headbands, Headbands, Headbands

One of my friends received their headbands in the mail today! Yay! As a graphic designer it was very important for me to send them away in a nice little package.

I found some great envelopes and card stock to use at my favorite new art store while I was at home. It was all on sale which made it even better. 

Not being in college anymore I need to keep on designing in anyway possible. Right now that's with Handmade on Sunday. I couldn't just send away the headbands in just a regular envelope, I had to spiffy it up a bit ;) And since I don't have all of my wonderful friends to model for me anymore, I've been doing a lot of nature photography. I figured that this would be a good way to put them to use...For now.

One of my friends that is still in school has to come up with a project to do next semester. I am hoping that he is able to rebrand Handmade on Sunday. Now, you may ask, why on earth if you are a graphic designer, would you let somebody else do it for you? One, I have never been a real client before, I am curious to know how this feels and if the designers are as aggravating as I feel we can be at times. Two, I want to help him out of course! Three, I miss all of the resources at school like screen printing, and I really want to incorporate that aspect of design into Handmade on Sunday. I think this will be a nice little challenge for myself to try and not be a design control freak for once.

Back to the headbands...I made a few more last night. I was on a freakin' roll with them. Plus I found a neat little fabric flower tutorial I wanted to try out from Maize Hutton. After I did my rearranging and setting up my computer desk, I discovered that my little green end table under the right light look really nice and vibrant. So I decided to break a bend the rules in product photography and use it as my background instead of the boring white or black...

Cream with purple flower.

Cream with three gray mini flowers.

This is my favorite I made last night. Dark gray with green floral print fabric flower with button center.

Let me know what you think. If you want one, I'll make ya one ;)

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