December 21, 2010

Hectic Holidays

The White Hot Chocolate recipe seemed to be very popular! Hopefully after this week I'll be able to post some more stuff like that. I need a paycheck. The last one came just in time for it to be spent on Christmas presents.

Today, I present to you...A bunch of random crap. I'm not too organized this week. Still trying to finish up some last minute Christmas stuff so my precious few hours after work have been dedicated to that. But here are some things I have been working on (all Christmas presents):

Tomorrow at work, my department is having an Ugly Sweater and Food Party. I slacked/forgot about it this weekend on my shopping excursion...So my ugly sweater isn't as ugly as I was hoping for...Oh well, I will only be wearing this tomorrow, no reason to spend tons of money. But I made myself a headband to go with it :)

I had a really good conversation about minimalist design work today at work with a co-worker. I had found this article that I find frustrating. I am a good graphic designer who can achieve successful minimalist designs...I am not lazy. I find that its actually more work for me to simplify my designs. Take that.

I also have been inspired by Apartment Therapy to maybe look into getting another degree, perhaps in Interior Design. It's a thought that literally just sprang into my head. I may look into that...Who knows.

Well, I'm off to finish this headband I have sitting in my lap. Hopefully I can post something a bit more productive tomorrow...

Hope you're having a good (short if you're in the working world, long if you're on Christmas Break) week.


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