December 26, 2010

A Sneak Peek Into the Week

Yeah...I just rhymed. There also some other thoughts thrown in here too.

I hope everybody had a fantastic Holiday weekend! Mine was nice and relaxing. Didn't do too much at all. Got some of my own personal shopping done (lots of craft supplies!) and got to spend time with the fam. I also to get in some camera time and crochet time. Today I came back early and rearranged my apartment. I think it looks better now :)

A photo sneak peek from the weekend.
It was a gorgeous, cold, frosty winter wonderland this morning. 
Loved it! 

Some things to look for this week:
-A new peek into the rearranged apartment.
(I gave myself a bedroom, living room, and office...All in my little box. Impressive, I know.)
-Some new crochet goodies I made over Christmas.
(Whoot! And maybe some other crafty things too.)
-More wintery photography
(Very excited to do some editing.)
-The New Year!
(Can't believe another year and come and gone...)
-Maybe a new recipe? We shall see.
(I got a blender, well my mom's old one, and a new handmixer for Christmas and they must be tested out!)
-Hopefully some design work too.
(I have some ideas that are a-brewin' in my head, just need to get that motivation to get them into the computer.)
-Some thought provoking blogs...
(I've had some things on my mind influenced by the media, since the media plays such a HUGE part of our lives. I like these kinds of topics!) I will start with this one:

Dad and I watched the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps on Christmas Eve. I didn't understand half the mumbo-jumbo fancy accounting terms in the movie, but the storyline was really good. I don't know how much of it is actually true since it's a movie, but if real life Wall Street people are like that, no wonder why the economy is in shambles. People are greedy and money seems to drive that greed.
I think its sad how much money drives our lives and has such an impact on our happiness. College taught me that most of the time (mostly in clothing and food) name brands don't necessarily mean anything. I don't remember the last time I paid the full tag price for a piece of clothing. But, I learned from a class in college that stores can put up to a 100% markup on clothing...So that sales price should actually by the regular, non-sales price. Sad, huh? Don't worry, I'm guilty of the name brand game too, mostly when it comes to my technology and the things that make me good at my job. I'm an Apple, Adobe, and Canon girl and that's some spendy equipment/software right there. I guess instead of over indulging on the clothes, I prefer to spend it on technology...
Anyways, I had a two hour drive back to my current life to think about some of these things and how materialistic our society is, whether that be by clothes, cars, technology, crafty things, food, etc. We all get our kicks somewhere.

Image found here.

The movie was really good. Check it out, the acting is really great and there some awesome cinematography and graphics work in it. Plus, the apartments are awesome (can't imagine what the rent would be...) and the NYC skyline is to die for. I love New York City and cannot wait to visit again.

Alright, well I have to go calm my mind down after all that money talk. Must get up early for work tomorrow, but its a short week again!


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