December 10, 2010

A Peek Into My Life...

This one is for my friend, Becky. She was curious to know what my apartment looks like so here are a few snapshots of where I live. I have a small, little efficiency apartment. Its just me so I didn't see the point on needing something terribly big...and I get to save money. A huge plus :)

Of course, on the futon there is yarn and a half finished project. 
Its supposed to be a hat...but its turning out more like a bowl I think. Oh well. 

I don't really have space for a tree so I don't know if I'll get one.
However, I decided to decorate my window with all of my tree stuff instead.
It works...right? 

I love details...
So more often than not, I don't have a huge amount of big picture shots. 
...Unless its nature. Even then its pushing it. 

View from the kitchen...To the farther right is my bed, a closet, and a bathroom.
Its pretty much a box...But I like my box.
So its okay.
Actually, this is probably going to change this weekend. I think I'm going to get a small computer desk and do some rearranging. I'm hoping for another bookcase like the one in the corner for Christmas. I guess this photo will have to be updated when all of that happens. 

I collect bottles. The 7 UP bottle is the newest. Got it from a thrift/antique store for $1.
Although my box of them are still at home since I don't have a place for them yet.
I don't have anybody to hide them around my apartment anymore.

These next couple I have on Facebook...But I like them too much not to add them.
Hobby Lobby = Heaven. 
I got three of them (Rome, New York, and London) for $5 a piece. 

Another Hobby Lobby find.

Its an antique store find. 
Grandma's Attic in Bemidi. 
I am a design nerd. Yes. 

So that is a little peek into the place where I live. Nothing special...but I thought I would satisfy Becky's curiosity, haha. to make the ganache (fancy I know) for my Peanut Butter Brownies. (I'm guessing there are a couple of my deskworkers and staff from last year wishing I still lived in Birch right about now.) Trying out a new recipe from Hope its a good one! 

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