December 9, 2010

Its Not Sunday...But...

I've attempted blogs before but I got distracted, mostly with school. But since that is over with now and I am now entered in the "real world" I should have some time.

Handmade on Sunday started as an idea. I have been having Sundays in doing some baking, cooking, crocheting, and other handmade stuff. Throughout the day I would document moments through photography and at the end of the day I would post my pictures on Facebook. Then a friend told me just to start a blog. So here we are.

Now, I don't intend to just post on Sundays and of just the stuff I'm doing. I'm a creative and believe that there is much more to see out there than just what's in my apartment (which is very small mind you). So I intend to use this as an outlet for my life.

Let's encourage my friend Marlon who told me to start this to continue on with his blogs ;)

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