December 17, 2010

Friday Funday Finds

1. I found this is my mailbox today :) Homemade goodies from home. Yumm, cookies and fudge.

P.S. Sorry guys, you don't get my address today. 

I keep munching...They're not going to last very long. 

2. These super cute hairpins on Etsy. I really want them. 

This whole shop has amazing things in it.

3. Great prints on Apartment Therapy. I love this site. It is increasingly becoming a huge favorite. 

4. CHALKBOARD WALLS. I sooooooo want one and cannot wait until I have a place and design firm that I can do whatever with. 

Once again, Apartment Therapy. Check out more images from this fantastic apartment here. The furniture is amazing. 

5. A tasty recipe for roasted mushrooms from Smitten Kitchen. It was my supper tonight. Now my apartment smells of garlic. 

6. I love Alice in Wonderland. These designs are amazing. Check them out at DesignWorkLife

7. Seattle. Okay, so its not really a find...But a friend and I are planning a trip there this summer and I'm sooo excited! It's my current "I absolutely cannot wait for" thing. My camera and I are getting pumped beyond belief. 

Photo found here

I have some photo requests to work on for people and a headband to make for a friend. Creativeness is on the way. After a night out with friends seeing a local band. Happy weekend! 


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