September 13, 2011


Last week while I was putting together my Bakery Dreams post I came across a great package design from a product sold at Williams-Sonoma.

How fun is that? So I got curious to see what else Williams-Sonoma had to offer. And boy did I find a lot of great stuff. Expensive, but great. So next time I hit up the Cities (this weekend), I may have to go on a hunt for some new baking mixes. As much as I would rather make stuff homemade, sometimes you just need to let the pretty box do the work.

I have been wanting to buy cupcake mix by Sprinkles for so long but have never been able to find it...Until now!

I wish my cupboards could be filled with this wonderfully designed packaging. 


  1. Lovely packaging that would definitely look lovely in my kitchen - Food seems delicious too!
    Visiting from FTLOB - Inspiring blog!


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