June 10, 2012


I have never liked running, never been very good at it. Somewhere around March/April I decided to start making better life habits. Exercising and eating better were on the very top of that list.

Back when I had my old job in TRF, my dear friend Amy, always was trying to convince me to go out running with her. I had a hard time taking her up on that offer because I just didn't like to run. But when I decided to change a few things, I picked up my running shoes that were gathering dust in my closet and gave it a go. And since then I've discovered, that while I may not be the fastest out there and not able to run 10 miles (yet), I actually do like it. I have a tendency to like instant (or relatively quick) gratification and this is exercising my patience for results.

Running has now pretty much become a daily habit. And in weeks like this one, after a nice tumble outside of work that tweaked an ankle and scraped a knee raw (also smashing my phone screen into a million pieces) not going out has me a bit stir crazy. I've discovered that running is good "me" time. When the shoes go on and the headphone start blaring music, my brain pretty much shuts off. I usually go out with some life issue I want to work out, and after, I realize I never thought about it once but the problem seems less stressful and crushing.

So, today I did something that for me is a bit bold. I signed up for my first 5K run! Yeah, 3.1 miles probably doesn't seem like much, but you got to start somewhere right? I know I'm pretty comfortable already with that distance so this seemed like a good way to venture into the world of races/marathons.

The Fifteen's 5K combines my absolute LOVE for baseball, my new found like/love for running, and my desire to help the world. Twins relief pitcher, Glen Perkins and his wife Alisha, have teamed up with the Minnesota Twins and Twin Cities in Motion to raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. When I discovered this race I just had a gut feeling that I found it because I was supposed to be a part of it. I mean, how could I not? Hanging out with my favorite team/players, running for a good cause, and a ball game - sounds like a pretty great day to me :)

If you don't have anything going on Sunday, August 12th, consider running too!

Have any advice for a beginning runner? Tips for recovering after an injury? I'd love to hear them.

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  1. Well hey there Ms. Karlie, I've never commented on your blog before. After seeing a running post, I couldn't resist :) You're going to kick tail in the August 12th 5K!

    Maybe someday in the future we'll have to get a group together to run the Fargo Marathon/Half Marathon :)


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