March 11, 2012


This weekend I joined The Hunger Games bandwagon. When I was in the Cities, my friends Marlon and Alyssa had the trilogy on their bookshelf and after hearing some people talking about them at work earlier in the week I decided to give them a shot. I've already blown through the first book and am halfway through the second.

Between cleaning, errands, and going for a run I've been parked on my couch engulfed in the books. It may be kind of strange but when my brain really gets into a book, I kind of lose the outside world. Everything I read turns into a live action movie reel in my head. Before I know it I'm 100 pages in and time has flown by. I also have a really bad habit when I find a book that really interests me after those first 100 pages I skip ahead and read the last page. Then, especially if its a type of cliffhanger, I have an even harder time putting it down and focusing on something else. Any one else out there have weird habits when they read good books?

During my run tonight I was kind of thinking about the Game is very much like modern day reality tv. How people are chosen to compete for a prize/glory and then one by one picked off until there's last woman/man standing. How we, like the crazy citizens, of the Capitol get so much joy and entertainment out of other people's embarrassment and failure. How after a new episode airs we chat with our friends about, pick at the contestents/"stars", and make bets as to know how long they will last. Then I got disgusted and confused as to how something like that can be entertaining, thrilling to watch, and addictive. (Apologies if you watch reality tv, not meant to pick at people.) I won't lie, I've watched my share of reality tv, but I pick my brain afterwards to try and understand why I did.

It's been a pleasant day without the tv turned on even once.

Rant done.

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