March 22, 2012

Make This: Springtime Wreath

I made this springtime wreath a month or two ago when I decided we weren't really going to have a winter. Super simple and easy project to dress up any bland white door.

You will need:
  • styrofoam ring
  • yarn
  • ribbon
  • fun flower
  • glue
Start off by tying your yarn around the styrofoam ring to attach it. Glue the yarn down so it doesn't move around. Then just start wrapping and wrapping the yarn around until the ring is completely covered. Make sure you're pulling it so it's snug as you go. Once your right is covered tie off and glue down the ending knot. I made this part the top of mine. Cut the stem off of your flower and glue it to the wreath. Cut a piece of ribbon to a desired length and attach it to the yarn covered ring. Glue it so the ribbon doesn't shift around. Hang it!

I caught my craft store at a good time when the yarn and flower was on sale. I think it cost me around $10 total with plenty of yarn to spare.

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