August 17, 2011

Grand Ave in Black & White

This past weekend I took a little trip into the Cities to hang out with Marlon and his girlfriend, Alyssa. Saturday afternoon we went down Grand Avenue in St. Paul for a little photo adventure. 

Nice Ride MN branded by Duffy, a favorite of mine, and marketed by Mono.

Love, love, love.

My new favorite logo.

We stopped dead in our tracks when we saw this. It looked so familiar! Here's why: Sussner Design.

Funny enough, I happen to know a Chris Baird...But I don't think he painted this.

I have a lot of FINALLY moments to share:
1. Finally have internet and cable hooked up!
2. Finally watching a Twins game on TV in the comfort of my own home.
3. Finally get to see a Twins game in Target Field in September. It's during their last home games against the Tigers. Going early to get some shots of the stadium.
4. Finally drove in the Cities for the first time on my own last weekend. Not only did I survive, I also didn't get lost!

I think that's all my finally moments for now. I will share more of my Cities photos during the rest of the week.

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