August 3, 2011

Settlin' In

Hey fine folks,

I'm sitting in the Dunn Brothers Coffee on my lunch break. I am all moved in now. My apartment is great, my new job is a huge culture shock from what I did for the past nine months. But it's going great and it's nice to be doing creative work all day long rather that feeling like a robot. But, I do miss my friends quite a bit.

The first day I moved down, a couple of friends came down from St. Cloud and we forwent the unpacking and walked across the street and saw Captain America. I'm not usually one for comic book movies, but I will admit, it was decent. And The Avengers explains all the comic book movies that have been coming out. The movie world made sense after I saw that.

Last night I went frisbee golfing with a friend from college. It is nice to get out of my apartment a bit and away from Heroes, which I am now completely addicted to.

I won't be getting internet for at least another week. When I do, I'm sure I'll have some photos to post by then. Moving drained my bank account pretty low so funds just aren't there yet. I have a feeling Dunn Brothers will be seeing me a few times a week until then. That's alright with me. I'm glad to be back near one again (and a Target!)

Until next time -- hopefully won't be too far away!

1 comment:

  1. yay! can't wait to see the pics!
    good luck with everything!

    = )


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