December 29, 2011

Reflecting: Good-Bye 2011, Hello 2012

Wow, another year is pretty much gone! What a year, what a year. On my 3 1/2 hour drive home for Christmas and the 3 1/2 hours back I had a lot of time to reflect on 2011. And just even the last two years since college graduation. 


2011 brought: 
  • New friends
  • Grand adventures with new friends
  • Grand adventures with old friends
  • A pile of ideas and plans for the future
  • Learning to make 3D models of itty-bitty computer parts like none-other
  • A great new job!
  • Indulging in the world of web design, WordPress, and social media
  • A start to understanding CSS and HTML
  • Lots of new crafts
  • Learning to drive in the Cities by myself
  • New recipes
  • Paying bills...
  • Mistakes and lessons learned
  • A another year of finding out who I am

This year I am not making a formal list of resolutions. Some people say that writing goals down is the best way to make sure you complete them. I'm starting to find that when I look back at that list (after forgetting about it 2 months in...) I am disappointed in those things I wasn't able to cross off. And that tends to be more of the focus than the things that were accomplished. Because many times those accomplishments weren't planned goals.  

For 2012:
  • Greet every opportunity to grow and learn
  • Keep on track and stay focused
  • Enjoy time with friends and family
  • Have more grand adventures
  • Continue to learn and be curious about the world
  • Keep finding who I am
  • Enjoy whatever comes my way
So those are my list of resolutions. For the little things like getting healthy or save money or whatever, I am just going to keep these thoughts in mind:
  • Challenge myself but start by taking baby steps
  • Understand that results don't happen overnight- they take time, patience, and hardwork
Here's to another year ahead. Twenty Twelve- Bring it on!

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