December 1, 2011

Reflecting: What's Your Passion?

What are you absolutely passionate about that if it wasn't in your life, you would be nothing? I think about my life and what I am passionate about all the time. Mostly because I am interested in so many different creative things that sometimes I question whether or not I am heading down the right path.

And then I have moments like I did this week where I have been working on a logo for work that was causing me a bit of stress. I put a certain amount of pressure on myself to succeed at a high level, to push my boundaries just a little bit further. After all is said and done, I got word that they love it. I literally threw my hands in the air and pretty much shouted, "YES!!!" in the middle of the office then walked to my office with a big smile on my face. It is moments like that when I realize that I already am doing what I'm passionate about, that I'm headed down the right path for me. (I'm exciting to share this project with you when it's all said and done! It will be awhile though. Just keep an eye out for it.) I think I understand now that the other creative interests are there to keep me grounded, to keep my graphic design eye from getting burnt out.

When I was in St. Cloud this past weekend visiting some dear friends of mine, one of them told me about a speaker he listened to at a conference not long ago. The speaker said something along the lines of, "You can't do anything. In order to find out what you are truly going to excel at figure out where your talent and passions intersect."

Well..On my drive back to Hutch I started thinking about it a bit more. I agree with the last part. I think it's possible to do anything, but it's more of a question of how well you are going to do at it. I asked my boss one day what he thought about this and he said something that resonated with me a bit, "Why waste time trying to perfect so many things when it isn't possible? Why not focus on the few things you are good at and really become an expert on them?"

For the longest time, I've had this drive to change somebody's life through my career. I wasn't ever quite sure how that until now. It kind of just dawned on me that every day I get to live this out by helping people who are living out their dream, owning a business, doing what they love, continue to do this.

Life is short. Live your dream. Wear your passion.

P.S. I've decided to hold off on the 30 Day Challenge this month. After looking at my schedule I may be gone more than I think. I want to make sure I don't half ass a challenge so I'm going to wait until I can put a bit more effort into it. 

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