June 22, 2011

Design Works of Jason Munn

Discovered this on Fubiz and these posters are too good not to share. They are by Jason Munn and are screen printed. (Which makes them even more great.)

Images via Fubiz and Jason Munn's website.

These make me want to be creative and just design, design, design. 

Side Note:
Speaking of design Marlon has started a new and improved blog called Design Your World. We have been chatting this evening about getting back on track with our creative selves. I start next week. I have a horrible habit of starting projects and slowly abandoning them. (ie. I have about 5 different graphic design projects I've started sitting in my graphic design folder on my computer that have been gathering technological dust...They shall be revived soon...) I miss having hardcore deadlines. I think it drives my creative energy more. 

So, like I said, starting next week, new project lifestyle change to incorporate more creativity into my life. Just like my lifestyle change to start eating more healthy and being outside doing active things. Although, it's been raining almost none stop which ruins the routine a bit...

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