June 5, 2011

What a Home: Bold & Beautiful Spaces

From the Apartment Therapy's Shopping by Style: 25 "Get the Look" Guide. The more and more I find great interior design, the more appealing the idea of going back to school is...

Love the typography pieces.

Chalk wall!

Those pillows are great.

What a bar.

This weekend is one of those that I want to hit the rewind button and start over again from 5 pm Friday. 

But things that went good: 
-Finally figured out how I want the blog to look. It's only taken me a few months and many redesigns. 
-Got contact lenses again. Hope it helps with my (softball) game. 
-Watched some amateur baseball this afternoon and got a tan. 

So bring on the week, make it go by fast so next weekend can be better than this one. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey, the blog redesign looks great. I think you've hit on a good look. I'm going to start blogging again this week. Along with many other things that haven't been attended to lately. Have a good week this week!


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