June 6, 2011

History Lessons: Crashed in the Jersey Woods

This morning I came across some incredibly awesome photos. I thought it would make for a nice short history lesson. Out in the woods of New Jersey there is an old crashed airplane. 

The plane went down in 1962 while on a training exercise. Even with the ejection system failing, the two pilots flying the aircraft survived. 

After the crash the military retrieved the engine of the plane for salvage. They painted it orange to indicate that the wreckage had already been found and recorded. 

Apparently this crash happened only 300 yards from a residential area. Talk about a close call.

This is what the plane looked like in action.

All images and information via Scouting New York. This makes me want to do some urban exploring. 

Today I'm rocking some pretty awesome tan lines from watching baseball yesterday. Now I have to figure out how to even everything out with a wedding coming up fast in July...And at the end of this summer I want to be able to run a 5K. I know, it's only 3 miles or so but hey, I'm not a great runner. So I think now is the time to become one. 

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