November 1, 2011

The Start of Something...

I'm starting a 30 day challenge for myself. As I was browsing around Facebook today, I stopped to admire Design Army's Color Consumption album. Everyday they post a color palette of 2 colors. So my challenge to myself is to create 30 color palettes using 3 colors. Marlon's calling it "Natalia's Revenge: Revisiting Color Theory." (Natalia was our color theory professor in college. One tough lady to take a class from.)

Remember the Titans was on tonight. I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE this movie. I'm not a big football fan nor do I really get emotional enough during movies to shed a tear, but man, this show brings me close to it. Right up there with The Blind Side.

It kind of makes you reflect on how far we've come as a society since 1971 and how far we have yet to go in order to make this world an even better place to live in.

Image from Pinterest


  1. I love this. What a great idea; inspiring.

  2. AAAAAAAAAGREEED! Very, inspiring concept and clever name by Mr. Amaro to boot! Can't wait to see more!!!


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