May 1, 2011

A Fantastic Weekend

Sorry for the absence. I spent the last 3-ish or so days in Bemidji. It was a great little vacation and time to re-energize myself. I got to spend a lot of time with friends for the last time in awhile. Many of them are graduating or transferring. So we got to spend some time together. I didn't take any photos though...I intended too, but it just didn't happen.

I went down Thursday afternoon and helped Marlon prepare for the Portfolio Presentations on Friday. I had to go support them! I did mine a year ago, I know how crazy and nerve racking it is. We watched Zombieland and chilled out with a couple other friends. When you get 4 designers together to watch a movie it involves quoting the whole thing ("You Shot Bill F*cking Murry!") and many mentions on how fantastic the motion type is. Oh and many mentions on how unrealistic situations are. Good stuff.

Friday was  Marlon did fantastic. His presentation went smoothly and it was nice to see all of his work put together. Another friend, Brandon, did great on his presentation too. I got to see all new work from him that I hadn't seen before. It was really nice to be there at watch them do their presentations and hear the good feedback given. I couldn't be prouder of them! (And a bit CONGRATS to everybody that presented!) Even though I've been done with school, I learned a lot from the reviewers and their insights. It's a never ending learning process. (I think that's why I like design so much.) I also got to see my professors and do a lot of catching up. It was great and it was good to continue to get helpful advice and support from them. I like having that in my life still. They will always be professors to me, I can never learn enough from them. And then...we celebrated and had a good time.

The rest of my weekend involved:

1. Catching up with many friends. It was good to chat and see how their year has gone now that it is coming to a close. I got the latest wedding info for the wedding I'm a part of this summer, got to hear an engagement story (Congrats Blake and Kelsy!). It also involved trips to Perkins, Qdoba, and of course Dunn Brothers. All my favorite places to go eat and chat.

2. Evening skate session with Marlon and Nick. It was getting dark and I didn't take photos unfortunately.

3. A great new show, Happy Endings. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Hilarious. We also watched a lot of 30 Rock and Metalocalypse.

4. I watched Jon play Bioshock 2. I love watching video games. I'm a nerd like that. Don't know how many girls out there like to watch video games, but I'm one of them. The graphics are amazing and it kind of reminded me a graphic novel. The posters and advertisements in the game were vintage inspired with great typography and jazz music for ambience.

Best image I could find to show that.

5. Amazing conversations! May of them had to do with design, music, and marketing as that is pretty much the majors of the friends who were involved in this conversations. Its insane how intense the mood gets when 3-5 extremely passionate people get to talking about what they love. I think it's one of the best feelings in the world. For us, we all just kind soaked it in. We spend hours talking without realizing how much time went by. An intriguing thought from the weekend was if we compared the music and art from a certain time period, would they be a good reflect each other? It came up because we were talking about the Rococo era and how in architecture and art, everything is over embellished and busy. In music, the sound was also busy and embellished. 

6. Snow. It is May 1st and there is snow on the ground. Thursday/Friday afternoon it was sunny and tshirt weather. Friday night/Saturday it rained and was cold. This morning, the ground was snowy and it was freeeeeeezing. Oh to live in Minnesota. 

7. Lots of laughs and fun memories. 

I hope you had a great weekend as well! I'm hoping the weather shapes up this week, I would like to take some outdoor photos of the crafty stuff I have been up to. Remember to check out my Etsy shop that is now up and running.  

Super inspired after all the design talk and portfolio watching. Got some good ideas a-brewin' that I can't wait to work on. 

Back to work tomorrow...and I have to catch up on all my favorite blogs and design sites. 

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