May 15, 2011

Sunday Photos

Today it was sunny, breezy, and beautiful outside. In the midst of running a few errands, I decided to take the good ol' camera out for some air. I found a little walkway just off of the downtown area. It was nice to be down by the river with the gorgeous sun.

My favorite. Complimentary colors.

It's definitely spring.

It's been a good weekend. My apologies for the lack of posts. Between Blogger being down on Thursday and just being out and about all weekend, I haven't had the chance to post. Got some good laughs and dancing in Friday night, watched "The NeverEnding Story last night" (love cheesy 80's movies), and played some tennis today. And now it's onto another work week...

In watching Mad Men, I've started a new project. Kind of a "lookbook" for 1960's fashion. It's been fun looking at the clothing from that time period. The culture from back then really intrigues me too. And more so, the way advertising and design was done. It's fascinating, especially now since almost everything done on computer. May have to look into some of my favorite designers from the 60's again. Here's a tiny sneak peak into what I've been working on.

Speaking of tv shows, my favorite show Chuck will be back for a 5th season! It is though, its last which is quite sad, but I'm glad we get more episodes. Tomorrow night is the season finale, excited!

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