May 20, 2011

Quick Photos

What an insane week. There was lots going on and it was all outside. I didn't make it back to my apartment until 9:30-10 every night and just didn't have the energy to blog. But the week was great. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. And's raining.

Tuesday: Softball practice.
Wednesday: Softball games. We lost both, but it was a lot of fun. I'm rusty. Definitely need to find some time to work on catching. Although, whenever I'm just tossing the ball around with somebody, I do just fine and actually make some pretty great catches. Then, I go into a game and freeze. Oh well. It's all in fun right?
Thursday: Surprise birthday party for a friend. I was surprised that roughly 10 people could keep it a secret throughout the week. It was a success. We had a grill out and tons of good laughs. Whenever we get together, it seems we get great ab workouts from laughing so dang hard. A couple photos from my phone.


Sunset over the dam.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of recuperating and buying new running shoes. My feet aren't doing to well after this week. I also hope I can catch up on all of the interwebs happenings from the week too. Lookin' for some good inspiration.

A few friends are running in the Fargo Marathon tomorrow. I bid them "Good Luck!" and hope that they don't get rained out too bad or that the world ends half the way through. (Just found out about the world ending thing last night...)

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