May 24, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: Foster the People

Do you like MGMT? What about Broken Bells? Welllllll...if you do, maybe you should check out Foster the People too. And if you've never heard of any of them, best go look them up. (Don't worry, I found Broken Bells not that long ago either thanks to a former professor.) Foster the People just released their album, Torches, a couple days ago. It has pretty much been playing non-stop since I got it. Addicting.

I think I posted this song awhile back. Oh well.

And how about something completely random? I just heard this song a couple weeks ago while hanging out with some friends. 

Ridiculous I know. But for some reason, catchy. I watched the first episode of Flight of the Conchords on Sunday...Haven't decided if I'm going to continue yet or not...

We were supposed to have softball practice tonight. But nobody wanted to play. I was all excited and ready to practice. Just have to go into tomorrow's games unprepared I guess...

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