May 16, 2011

History Lessons: April Greiman

This is more like a 2 sentence history lesson...

In my spirit of old school advertising, I thought about a graphic designer that stuck out to me when I took my History of Modern Design class a couple years ago. Her name is April Greiman. She was one of the first designers to embrace the computer as a medium for graphic design during the 80's.

The source for all the images found here. For more on April Greiman visit her website and her design consulting company Made in Space.

I think it's interesting to think about how much design has evolved, especially the process. I wonder how the process would be now if the community hadn't taken to computers when they did. It would be fun to do some designing the "old fashioned" way. 

Now I may have to start a mini series or something of 70's and 80's graphic designers...

Note 1: Since this is the time of year when the weather is FANTASTIC I may no be posting as often as I did during the winter. As much as I love researching and blogging, I just can't always justify sitting on my computer when it's sunny and perfect outside. My apologizes. 

Note 2: The season finale of Chuck was on tonight. I recommend, obviously, checking out the show. I'm quite sad that in the fall S5 will be its last, especially with the cliffhanger tonight. There are so many stories that can be told now! And for those that don't like the ending, think about it, the concept completely works for who the character is. (I can't say too much, I know there's a couple of friends out there that would be disappointed if I spilled the beans since they probably haven't watched it yet...)

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