January 4, 2012

January Project: Living Room Makeover

January is going to be the month where I redo my living room! I found a new TV stand and computer desk I want, I think that's what kicked me into gear. Plus, I found this great photo on Pinterest that really sparked my brain.
I think I found my color palette as I was doing this. I really like the combination of the avacado-lime green, grapefruit pink, and vintage sky blue. Yes? Yes. It's so refreshing! I like dark furniture and like every other apartment my walls and carpet are neutral so I think the colors will definitely pop.

I think my goal is to do the living room in a bargin hunting way. (Who doesn't have that goal?) But I really want to find some great accessories at some antique thrift stores.

Good storage solutions will be a must as well. My crap right now is just a huge hodge-podge of craft supplies, papers (papers...and more papers...), and cords. I am coming to terms with my OCD-ness of things not looking aesthetically please. I hate when things look like a big pile of junk. I want my place to not look like a college dorm room. Must find attractive ways to display things.

Alright, I have my inspiration and my goals. Now all I need is to spend some time at work making a paycheck...or two...or three.

Ready. Set. Go!

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