January 25, 2012

Inspire Me: Web Design



What a crazy busy week it's been in the office. But it has me in a refreshed mood ready to really start tackling CSS. 

I think the best part of being a designer is the opportunity for creative problem solving. I never thought working with the technical side of creative problem solving would be something I would enjoy. I was very print focused in college and liked playing with different hand-on materials. My brain thought more in paper stock and different folds. I honestly didn't think designing for a computer screen gave you much freedom. 

Boy, was I wrong. It's just a different sort of freedom. It's a freedom to see how far you can stretch the abilities of technology. Instead of dealing with printers, you're dealing with browsers. And just like printers, each one is different. Perhaps one of the reasons why I've been enjoying it as much as I have so far is because of my curiosity for how things work. There's interaction between all the different types of code, how the different browsers work, how a design even becomes a website, different frameworks for building sites, etc. Have I confused you yet? My Pa had no idea what his daughter was talking about when I was chatting with him...

Have you ever kind of just stumbled into something because an opportunity presented itself and found out you really enjoy it? Game changer, isn't it? 

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