January 19, 2012

Love What You Do: Skillshare

Have you ever heard of Skillshare? It's this neat little community of teachers and students who all have a passion sharing knowledge.

"Skillshare is a simple solution to the problem our education system faces today: people aren't learning in a way that inspires them. We believe passion should dictate curriculum, not institutions. Currently, there is only one acceptable way to get an education and 'succeed' in society."

I stumbled across these videos tonight and I wanted to share them. I love hearing people talk about what they do for a living when they have such passion and interest for it. 

Bartending 101 from Skillshare on Vimeo.

Knitting 101 from Skillshare on Vimeo.

Mind Mapping from Skillshare on Vimeo.

Learn more about Skillshare here.

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