January 15, 2012

On Being Exactly Where You Need to Be

Current goal: Get back into yoga.

Whenever I go visit my friends Nate and Ashley, I'm always reminded to set goals for myself and really strive to achieve them. I'm always reminded to do a bit more with my life than what I'm doing. I'm brought back down from the clouds and grounded again.

This weekend was the first time in a long time that I really felt I was living in and enjoy the moment. My brain wasn't focused on a million different things. My brain was focused on having a great time with old friends and new friends and soaking up every minute of it. I think one of the most amazing feeling is enjoying yourself so much you don't realize how much time has past...Say 2 hours huddled around a kitchen table playing a board game and another 2 hours enjoying wings at Green Mill with a dozen conversations going on at once with a ton of laughter. On my drive back home I had a good amount of time to reflect and realize how high strung my brain is most of the time.

So tonight, I started doing yoga again to help calm my brain and body. To remind myself to breathe and focus on the here and now. To be a bit more centered and calm.

During one of the routines I did, the instructor said:
Every day you're somewhere different and you're exactly where you need to be. 
I've heard it as many times as I've done the routine in the past but for some reason, this time it resonated with me a bit more. It stuck in my brain. Maybe it's because of how much reflecting I've been doing in the past week or so.

I think it fits right in with another quote I heard elsewhere about taking your life and the situations you're in that you're not happy with and changing you perspective.

So on the good days and on the bad days, you're life is right where it's supposed to be. Just use that brain of yours and shift your perspective a little bit and enjoy the moment- it only happens once in a lifetime.

Walking With Happiness by The Best Pessimist on Grooveshark

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