January 24, 2012

Love What You Do: Rules of a Creator's Life

Have I posted that image before? Maybe...Either way how true is that? I love little moments when I realize that I absolutely love what I do. Love it.

I think I am starting to realize its the moments when I feel a bit more stressed out and take a step back when I realize how much being a designer really means to me and what it has done in my life.

Are you drawn to passionate people as much as I am? I like to listen to people talk about their profession when you can just hear how much passion they have for it. It's kind of something I've been thinking about after visiting some friends a few weeks ago. I am starting to notice more and more how I've surrounded myself with people who truly care and have a love for what they do.

I challenge you to find your passion and make it your life. It's amazing how you feel once you do what you love everyday. Life just sort of makes sense.

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