January 29, 2012

Behind the Lens: Skateboard Memories


Last night I while working on a my new photography site, I started to flip through some old skateboarding photos I took back in college. For three years in the afternoon when classes were done I would go out with a couple of my good friends, Marlon and Nick skating. And by skating I mean, they would skate and I would practice my photography skills, occasionally taking a board and rolling around a bit. I was hit with crazy nostalgia wishing for it to be a sunny April afternoon out at the Drop Zone. I'm hoping for a summer full of opportunities to photograph these two skating again.

I didn't realize how many photos I took at the time but there were a lot to sift through. It was hard to narrow down the choices to just a couple. Since these are old photos, it's a good opportunity to share them with those who haven't seen this side of my photography. Most of what I've posted since the blog started have been nature/landscape/cityscape photos.

You can check out my photography site, here. Workin' on those CSS/CSS3 skills I've been knee deep in all week.

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