April 18, 2011

Antique Treasures & Flood Waters

Here are a couple of goodies I got at the Old and New Store in downtown Fargo.

First, a sweet old bottle I found in the dollar room. It is a Harley Davidson wine cooler bottle. Actually...It still has the wine in in. Is it weird that I bought it with the liquid still there? There wasn't one empty and I really wanted it for my collection. The label isn't all intact anymore but you can still read it. All I could find out about it was that it was a licensed product by Harley Davidson. 

And second is a Kodak Pony 135 Model C. I've been wanting to start a camera collection since I came across one last year at Grandma's Attic in Bemidji. But the one there was expensive and I couldn't afford it. Sooo, when I found this one for $10 I had to grab it. The Kodak Pony's where made from 1955-1958. According to Camerapedia it originally cost $33.75. I think I may get some film and see if this sucker still works.

I'm going to call this one a treasure too. I haven't had TeaBerry for months, since August. I FINALLY got my white chocolate blended coffee with pearls. Yummmmmmm. It was delish after walking around trying to get as many pictures in (for my type study) and shopping before my 90 minutes were up so I wouldn't get a parking ticket.

Part of my wondering around, I really wanted to go get some pictures of the Red River and the flood. I wasn't able to get home the summer of 2009 when I get really bad. I thought I would take advantage of being home and checking it out. 

The parking ramp for the Moorhead Center Mall is no longer accessible..

And the First Ave. bridge is closed off.

There's apartments off to the left that their backyard is pretty much the river right now. 

So there is part of my weekend adventure. I have my bigger project to start now, my type study...along with finishing the dozen other one's I seem to have going on. Must get back to doing my Scene: MPLS magazine and I have a couple other branding stuff that have been collecting dust to work on as well. Life is different when 8 hours of your day are consumed by non-creative work...Must get back on track.

On tonight's episode of Chuck, there was a couple seconds of design chat. Mostly about the colors and font choice for Chuck and Sarah's wedding. I kind of nerded out when I heard that. It was just kind of...well, awesome. I loooove being a crazy designer.

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