April 24, 2011

Inspiration via Cee Lo Green & 30 Rock

Last week, I was listening to "Old Fashioned" by Cee Lo Green and looking at some vintage designs. I felt the two needed to be combined into a design somehow. So this is what I did:


I found a color palette that I really liked and just wanted to stick to those 6 colors throughout. I also used 2 typefaces for all the posters, GeoSansLight and Chopin Script. The "Old Fashioned" one reminds me too much of Old Spice...

Yesterday, I didn't do a dang thing except sit and watch my new addiction, 30 Rock. I guess I'm catching up on all the TV I didn't watch in college. Kind of is frustrating being such a visual person, I can't really design and watch TV at the same time, I get too distracted by the TV. 

I like the humor in 30 Rock and I think Tina Fey is awesome.

Definitely didn't accomplish as much as I intended to this weekend. I have a couple of things I HAVE to do Monday/Tuesday so I will be a bit busy in the couple of days. I met up with my Pa today in GF and had dinner with him. That was nice. I also found a decent shortcut from TRF to GF. Recorded timing.

I'm leaving Thursday for Portfolio Presentations at BSU on Friday. Marlon is presenting his portfolio and I'm super excited to go watch. Also looking forward to seeing my old professors and peers. It's crazy, this weekend will be one year since I presented my portfolio. Time has seemed to go by faster now that I've graduated. It's weird. 

I'm looking for new music to keep me entertained. Anybody got any ideas? I like pretty much anything...although, not so much country.

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