April 1, 2011

'Tis the Season! ...For Baseball That Is

TWINS OPENER! Heck yes. Unfortunately, I do not have FSN and cannot watch the game. I am a horrible fan...I should just dish out the money and expand my cable plan...I wish budget would allow for that. Maybe I will see if I can dig out an old radio alarm clock. Go old school.

Love this team 

What a great moment caught on camera.

The hometown hero.

My two favorite players as a kid.

Good-bye Metrodome...

Hello Target Field!

My dream summer is to follow them for the season and just take photos. How awesome would that be? Pretty awesome. I guess I should start saving now, huh? 

P.S. How great is this give away? That camera would be great for skate photos! 

Kaelah always has great give-aways. One of these times I will hopefully be lucky enough...

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