April 11, 2011

For the Love of Monday

There are two things I generally look forward to on Mondays: New episodes of Chuck and Design Work Life Monday Quick Links.

Chuck...Well, that's self-explanatory. (However, the season is almost over with no word yet whether there will be a season 5.......dun dun dunnnnn)

Monday Quick Links is a weekly post done on Monday mornings of interesting graphic design links. Love them. Today, I felt they were especially good. I shall share a few:

The classic Bicycle playing cards now have a Special Edition titanium edition.

The motion type in this vid is fantastic.

I am a big advocate for getting a college education. But it seems now days they are not really getting the graduates where they need to be thanks to the economy. It gets really frustrating when you're thousands and thousands of dollars in debt doing a job that doesn't necessarily require a degree. 

"Our vision is to unlock this knowledge and allow people to share their skills with those who want to learn them."

The new Science Channel logo done by Ryan McCullah

I wasn't quite sure about the logo until I saw this:

Some pretty fantastic animation work.

And finally, an Infographic of Infographics done by Ivan Cash.

I love the illustration style of this. 

And I will probably be back later with something else to share...

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