April 10, 2011


This afternoon Marlon and I watched Helvetica. Can anything be more design nerdy than that? Yes, playing The Font Game on an iPad in the middle of Perkins. 

If you are like us, love typography and love graphic design, you will find this inspirational and entertaining. We had a lot of "That is sweet!" "Oh man!" and "Ahhhhh! Helvetica is everywhere!" moments. It's very interesting hearing other designer's take on the heavily used typeface. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What do you think about Helvetica? 

This is great.

I want these.

Helfuckingvetica. Enough said.

Now I am in a typography mood....

This weekend was a success for the most part. We spent about 10-12 hours in the screen printing lab on Saturday and got that all finished. Our photos we wanted to do didn't get done though. Nor did I get to spend as much time with some of my other friends as I intended. Screen printing is an exhausting process. And I also figured it's because I'm don't have my college endurance anymore. I used to be able to go, go, go for 17-18 hours a day without stopping. Now...I just feel old. 

I have many ideas for upcoming blog posts. I like going to Bemidji and getting my creative juices a-flowin'. It's really refreshing to get back to me.

Note: The URL change. If you have this blog bookmarked or a button linked, please be sure to change it. I will hopefully get some buttons up for linking here soon. 

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