April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tunes & A Sneak Peak

Usually around this time of year, while I'm driving, a song will come on that just screams, "Hey! It's springtime!" Last year it was "Electric Feel" by MGMT. This year it is: 

"Helena Beat" by Foster the People

I find it to be an excellent driving song. Apparently there is going to be a pattern of it being an upbeat, electronica-dance song. And for good measure, I shall give you a couple more songs that have been played frequently on the iPod. 

"Kites" by Dessa
I love the KEXP Live Performances. Good stuff.

"Don't Be So Hard" by The Audition
This is a favorite. It's my go to song when crappy things happen in life and I just need a reminder to just keep pushing forward. Don't you love how music can do that?

Tonight I finally started tackling one of the many projects on my every growing To Do List. Here is a sneak peak at what I'm up to. 

Aaaaaaand, then I ran out of fabric. Definitely didn't have enough. My bad. 

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