April 18, 2011

Spring Time Food

Bri from DesignLoveFest posted a video from My New Roots on how to prepare quinoa. I had never had it before. I decided to try it. One of the grocery stores in Moorhead had some organic stuff in their pay-by-the-pound bin things. I figured it would be the perfect way to try it since I could buy just a little bit for a decent price.

I also read that it is gluten free in raw form like this. But may not be if it is turned into flour. So for all you with Celiac's Disease (and I know of couple of you) give it a try!

Super simple right?

For my quinoa dish I sauteed up some sugar snap peas, orange peppers, broccoli, and chicken. Tossed it all together and topped with with some chopped fresh parsley and strawberry poppy dressing. Delicious and filling. One cup makes a lot, good thing I have tons of leftovers for lunches the next few days. My bank account can't afford grocery's until pay day on Thursday.

For the past week, in the evenings after dinner, I've been craving something sweet. But I've wanted to stay away from candy, cupcakes, ice cream. Tonight I figured some fruit would get rid of those cravings. I was right. I sliced up some mango and topped it with honey and cinnamon. Perfect spring time desert.

Anybody got any spring time dishes? I'm always looking for new recipes!

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