January 23, 2011

Design Journey: Logo Process

For the past few days I've been working away on my little branding project for Flower Girl Clothing Boutique. I have figured out the company colors, fonts, and finalized the logo. This process is one of my favorite parts in branding. I get a little crazy during this and fill my screen with fonts or colors, depending on which I am working with at the time. After reflecting on this, I realized I work in three phases during this part of the process. I would like to give you a taste of this organized chaos.

Phase One: Colors and Fonts

Oh my, the color choices! 

The colors started by finding inspiration from palettes I like at Colour Lovers and breaking down the colors in them. So the first row are the original palettes I found. Then I look at which colors could possibly work with each other across the board. It's a large mix and match game, sometimes tweaking colors to see what works best. I, then, narrow it down to two palettes from there that I think conveyed the look and feel of the company. 

Fonts! Fonts! Fonts!

I go through fonts from the web and ones that I already have in my library and pick out the ones that match with the feel I am going for. From there I pick and chose the ones that I think will work with the illustration best. It is a similar process as the colors. They get narrowed down to two fonts.  

Phase Two: Integration 

Integrating the color choices and font.

And this is where everything starts to come together. The flower I illustrated from one of my sketches. I put the illustration up against both fonts to chose which font worked the best. I started to work with both color palettes to see which one worked best with the type and illustration. 

This process is usually a couple of days worth of work. I pick out the fonts and colors and narrow them down. I give myself a night's worth of sleep and come back to it with fresh eyes. This is a good way for me to see if my choices were the right ones. I found that staring at the same thing for too long, my brain starts to get too attached to certain fonts or colors. Then after I decide if the choices were right I start in on Phase Two.

Phase Three: Final Logo 

Logo is on top. Color palette in the four flowers. 

Once everything gets decided the logo comes together as a whole pretty quickly. I tweaked the script font a bit so it flowed together better along with my illustration. I wanted to have some contrast in the logo so the illustration is cleaner and crisper than the script font. Then the illustration's look and feel are mirrored in the sans serif font. 
Between the two color palettes I went with the pink and yellow. I felt it had more of a fun and girly look than just using a simply monochromatic purple. This also could lead to more options of use for application uses. 
The flower will be used as a secondary element throughout the branding. I think it has some good options for texture and visual pieces.

There you have it! The final logo for Flower Girl Clothing Boutique. 

Usually throughout this process I would have looked for critiques and feedback. So I'm actually going to open this up for some constructive feedback. I would love to hear what you think. Leave me a comment. Do you think the fonts work together? Was there one you think could have worked better? How about the colors? Is the logo balanced nicely? 



  1. Nice work, Karlie! It looks really good.

    I love the flower. You really did a nice job with the illustration, and carrying across the same mood from font to logo. Solid piece of designing.

    The only concern I would have is to make sure the fonts you've got are ones you can have full rights to when you're working with them.

  2. I thought of that too after I posted this. If this was for a real client, I wouldn't have done that without the permission from the creator of the font. I may go back and untweak it.

    Question I thought of after I was looking at this more. Since it's for a clothing boutique targeted at a younger age, do you think the script font isn't recognizable to a youngster's eyes?


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