January 11, 2011

Inspire Me: Packaging

One of my favorite things to design is packaging. I like the "think outside the box, I'm taking a chance on something" designs. Push the edge. Our brains are so overloaded with products and advertisements. Everybody is trying to get their product out there and noticed. For me, maybe it's just because I'm a designer and I know how branding works, but my eye is usually drawn to the simple things. The typography, images, colors, illustrations, mediums all have to work together, not fight each other. The things that fight each other, I just want to take off the shelves and stomp on them...

I'm currently digging out a logo project I started this summer but never finished. I needed some inspiration to get back into my design mode so I automatically went to 2 of my favorite sites: The Dieline and Lovely Package.

12 Bridges Gin
Probably one of my favorite designs. I feel in love the minute I saw it. It was designed by the firm ID Branding out of Portland, OR. The use of colors and materials is wonderful. 

JAQK Cellar
All time favorite wine bottles. The Charmed bottle is my absolute favorite. Now that I have some money and I'm not living in the dorms, I must, must, must find this so I can add it to my collection of bottles. The branding was done by San Francisco's Hatch.

This collection of scents was designed by one of my favorite design firms, Duffy & Partners in Minneapolis. I had the pleasure of being able to visit them last year with a club I was in during college. Amazing place with a gorgeous office space. Completely down to earth people. We had a chat with Joe Duffy, Jr. who brought us through their design process and showed us some of their work. They have set the standards for what I want my design firm to be like. A bunch of us that went even took their idea of creating mood/inspirational boards before we even start the sketching process of designing. 

J.R. Watkins
I believe this is in-house but I could be wrong. They didn't say anything except for just these photos. But I've seen these in Target and have been so tempted to by them just because of the labels. Love the vintage feel and look. 

Student Work
Some student work by Hana Lee. Wonderful design. Once again, going with that vintage look. It' something I really like right now. I think design like this are simple, to the point, yet attractive enough to grab one's attention because it isn't like the standard look of other products you see littering the shelves. 

Latice Line Letterpress Cards
Diecuts and color. and patterns. Amazing combination. This was designed by OrangeBeautiful out of Chicago, IL. I like the break from the standard stark white envelope with the splash of color and patterns. The box itself as an eye catching look to it and the cool gray definitely lets those colors just pop. 

The Office Snowball Fight
This was just too great not to post. We could have an epic fight at work I think. Oh, it would be way too much fun. From Barker Gray down in Australia.

I think this may be more of an inspirational week. I'm trying to get my butt in gear with some designing. Its hard to come out of an 8 hour work day. Being in the real world is a lot different than school. I don't know what's happening but I just don't feel that creative drive 24/7 like I used do. I don't like it so I really need to figure something out and make it work. I think part of the reason why is I'm not surrounded by it as much as I was. Working on 4-5 different projects at once with a deadline. Having all of my fantastic design friends around me bouncing ideas and giving critiques. If anybody wants to have a design chat, please, let me know. I would be more than willing! 



  1. Hi Karlie,
    We're glad you like the JAQK Cellars wine bottle designs - and we hope you like the wine itself, too! You can purchase all our wines at jaqkcellars.com, or by calling 415-398-1630. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for visiting! In the near future I plan on purchasing a bottle of Charmed.


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