January 1, 2011

New Looks & Two Peas in a Pod

Hope everybody had a good New Year's Eve :) I was lazy, snowed in, and did nothing except watch some TV shows and crafty things. It was pretty nice.

For the new year, as you can see, the blog has a new look. I was in graphic design mode yesterday and today. Yesterday it was the blog and today I was working on something else (which I will post tomorrow, I think.) It was nice because I haven't been feeling it for quite some time. It felt good to work on my layout, typography, and color skills again. I like to think typography and color palettes are somewhat of a forte for me.

The other new look is my apartment. I got my new bookshelf for Christmas which meant I got get rid of my big bulky TV stand that works better in a large space.
I read somewhere in the past that using your bedroom/bed for things other than sleeping and napping makes it hard to sleep at night. Since my apartment is so small its pretty much one big bedroom, I needed to give myself a space only for sleeping. Its been helping, I've been able to sleep better at night now that I'm not using my bed for a craft station. Plus, I have a mini office, to help with the creativity. I really like my box now. I wish it would have been like this from the beginning...

I also was on a crochet kick yesterday. I've had an idea for the past few days and hadn't really had the time to put it in action until yesterday. Thank goodness for long weekends. (Man, is it going to be difficult to go back to 5 day work weeks when the past two have been short and sweet.) I'm so excited about this one, I just had to post it tonight! 

Aren't they just the cutest! 
The pod gave me a bit of trouble trying to figure out the size and I didn't have any green embroidery thread. But for a prototype, I think it was a success. 
I smile every time I look at them. 

Well that is all for now. I still have a bunch of goodies to post in the upcoming week that I didn't get to last week. Please keep a lookout for them! 


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