January 13, 2011

Foods: Margherita Pizza

I've been wanting to try a different kind of pizza other than the standard, "I'm in a cardboard box" pizza with the typical ingredients. I've been eyeing the Margherita Pizza for some time now. But I was always kind of scared because I'm not a huge tomato fan and it just seemed like something I wouldn't enjoy. Tonight, however, I pushed all fears aside and made it. Oh man, and I wasn't disappointed in the least. It was so good. The classic recipe calls for basil instead of spinach, but spinach was what I had in my fridge so I just used that instead. It had a wonderful garlic bread sort of flavor with the salty-ness from the cheese and a sweet from the tomato. Definitely try this out if you're looking for a change up from the same old pizza you always get. Plus, it's super quick and easy!

Tomorrow we have a snack day at work, I think I'm going to attempt some homemade vanilla pudding. Saw the recipe on Smitten Kitchen and I feel I must try it. I guess my co-workers get to be my guinea pigs. 

And I must clean my pit of an apartment because MICHELLE IS VISITING THIS WEEKEND! One of my good friends from college is making the snowy trek from across the state tomorrow for a visit. I'm so excited. I haven't seen her since September. It will be great to hang out with her again. It will be a weekend full of cream cheese wontons, taco dip, and...

I must thank my good friend Marlon over at A Day in the Life for making me watch this movie.

I'm not sure if I will do any posts this weekend or not. If I don't, see you Monday and have a good weekend! 


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