January 19, 2011

Design Journey: Sketches

Yesterday and today during my breaks at work I was doing some sketching for my branding I mentioned earlier this week, Flower Girl Clothing Boutique. I'm going to make this a blog feature and will be displaying my process. I haven't ever really done anything where I've mapped out my progress through a project step by step in this fashion. I mean, during classes we had to do sketches and critiques along the way, but things at that time were very hectic and I am a very spastic designer. Most of the time, I had my idea, went straight to the computer, and dived right in. With this, I really want to have a good idea on paper before I just jump right in.

So Sunday (I think...) I posted my Inspiration Palette and here are some of the sketches I came up with.

Logo sketches with some ideation notes. 

Starting to think about how the colors and illustration of the visual component will look. 

The quality of the scans aren't the best, my sketch book kept sliding off my scanner so I had to hold it. I think though you can get an idea of what I got going on. Hope you can interpret my handwriting. 

I usually prefer to do logos in type. Typography and fonts seem to be my forte in logo-making and in the design process. However, I do need to work on my Illustrator skills so I'm going to have a nice image as a secondary image for this logo. 

Most of the time, I try to do something a little outside the box, something a bit different. But with my target market, being young girls up to the age of 7 or 8 and their mothers, I think that this logo needs to speak to it's audience in the most simple way possible. I want to use colors and images that girls can recognize and will relate to. The best way to do this was to use an image that directly related to the name of the company, the flower. It is a girly and fun object youngsters can easily identify. 

I'm debating to have the logo simply be spelled out or if I want to do a ligature logo as well. That will be something I will be considering when I think of how this logo will be applied to specific products and pieces. It might also be something I consider when I start my font search. 

Speaking of fonts, the next step I will be taking on this journey will be one of my favorite parts in ideation: Colors and Fonts! 


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