January 18, 2011

Keep On Learning: Stuff You Should Know

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts at work. I enjoy learning about everything and thought this would be a good way to find out some interesting facts. I found some excellent podcasts on iTunes all from How Stuff Works. They have a bunch of different channels. But the one I will be sharing with you is called Stuff You Should Know. The two guys that are featured on the podcast are Chuck and Josh. I find them highly entertaining and hilarious. They've discussed some excellent and interesting stuff. I have made a list of a few of my favorites I would like to share with you.

(I know, as if I couldn't make a more generic looking banner...)
This is just a small handful of the podcasts that are available from Stuff You Should Know.
You can find the podcasts here.

I will probably have feature a different channel from How Stuff Works for the next 4 or 5 weeks. If there are any podcasts you like, I would like to hear about them! 


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