January 2, 2011

Graphic Design -- The Daylights

Here is the graphic design work I posted about yesterday. This is the type of stuff that would be my dream job. Well owning a business that had the opportunity to work with the entertainment industry, music and movies. My current musical obsession is The Daylights, a band from L.A. I wanted to design some album artwork for their 2010 release of their self-titled album.

The look I was going for was something soft with a vintage feel. Their website is all black, red, and white and I wanted to do something that completely contrasted with that.  I get when I listen to them. The song "Little Girl" really inspired the photographs and look of this package. I also wanted this to have a handwritten touch, like those of old love notes which is brought in by the script font and the paper texture. I like to tell stories through photography that are open to interpretation and whatever it is you feel while you look at them.

Being the formally trained graphic designer that I am, I had to put together a "professional presentation" of my work. And talk about my work in the manner that I do, just an FYI. On top is what the whole package would look like on the shelf and then the individual spreads of the booklet. 

For better viewing of the booklet and also the back of the case I've added larger images. The two fonts I used are both from http://dafont.com. The script is Jellyka Gare de Chambord, and don't worry, it's not supposed to be legible. The sans serif is Geosans Light. All of the images are from aimeelikestotakepics @ Deviant Art

If you haven't ever heard anything by The Daylights and you like Kings of Leon, Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World, and things of that sort, check them out at either their official website or their MySpace (I know, I know...MySpace, but you can listen to pretty much the whole album there.) 

Well that's some of what I was up to this weekend. Hopefully the rest tomorrow. It's back to work tomorrow...and I really don't want to go. But got to make an income somehow. 


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