January 17, 2011

Monday Blues & The Week's To Do List

What a Monday. One of those that automatically says, "Hey you. You're going to have a really long week. Have fun." First I woke up and simply didn't want to get out of bed. Then started my car, let it warm up. I went back out my usual 15 minutes later and it was chirping like a huge 5 foot cricket was hiding in it. A belt broke. I also underestimated how much ice was stuck to my windshield and broke a wiper. (<- Not as big of a deal...But still.) So, to start off the week, I dumped $200 into my car. Good thing I'm getting a bit better at saving my money. At least I didn't have to drain my savings account completely. The optimist in me comes out.

Today, however, CHUCK returns to TV after their winter hiatus. So excited to be able to watch it tomorrow. I don't have cable so I catch it on Tuesday. Got to love Hulu. Chuck is my absolute favorite. It's my "semi-mindless, escape from the world" show. I found the first two seasons on Black Friday for $15 a piece. (A steal in my eyes!) My dad got me the 3rd season for Christmas. Amaaaazing. So now I can watch with whenever I please. The music in the show is great also. Whoever does the music production for the show has good taste. Hopefully Fringe will be back on again soon too. Fringe is the show that makes me think a bit more. But the topic that surrounds the show is fascinating. Now I just have to get back into Mad Men and I will be on track with my favorite shows again.

Going wayyyyy back with a Season 1 Promo 
via YouTube

I've also started putting together an Inspiration Palette for the fictional branding I wrote about last week. It is going to be for a clothing boutique called Flower Girl. During my blog browsing, I've come across many cute things for girls: clothes, shoes, toys, accessories. I thought it would be a nice little challenge for me to create something girly and cute. I usually don't do cute and girly...It's not really me. Working on reaching out of that comfort zone.

This Week's To Do List: 
1. Sketches for Flower Girl Clothing Boutique
2. Crochet Mittens
3. "Olive You" 

I've also got a few ideas for some thought provoking blog posts. I was listening to a couple of podcasts today from How Stuff Works. Mostly I was immersed in the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcasts. There was some interesting stuff about gender roles and how the media effects the youth. But I will come back to all of that later. 

And now I'm off to work on those mittens. 


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