January 16, 2011

Foods: TexMex Chili

An idea sprung into my head the other day at work. I was craving Qdoba and where I live, the closest is over an hour away. I thought of a way to get some of that goodness in a bowl. Tonight, I put my idea it into action. This recipe is for a TexMex Chili with Cilantro Lime Rice.

For my chili, I used Weber Smokey Mesquite Seasoning and Lime Garlic salsa. Using the seasoning and the salsa means that your spices are already there and you don't need to try and decide which ones to use (there's so many of them!) For an extra kick, I would maybe use a hot salsa, or add in some Frank's Red Hot Sauce (thank you UBMS for introducing me to that.)

Hopefully this remains good so I can get a few more meals out of it. It made a huuuuuuuge skillet full. Found a new favorite beverage today, Clear American Raspberry Apple flavored water. Amaaaazing.

A hint of a crochet project I'm working on: "Olive You!" Hopefully I can finish that up later this week. I also have an idea for a fictional branding I really hope to start this week also. It will be something different from what I've done in the past. I'm looking forward to doing something somewhat outside my box of clean, san serif design.


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