March 24, 2011


Well I've started in on my changes.

The biggest change is the name. This blog is now going to be called "Inspire Me." My original intention was for this to be the home of my artsy-crafty world. But as the days have gone on, I realized my most popular posts were the "Inspire Me" posts. It has been more for sharing what inspires me on a daily basis than anything else. When I do artsy-craft stuff I have a designer's eye and when I create designs or take photos I have somewhat of an artistic approach. They are kind of directly connected to each other. So I've decided to make this the central hub between both worlds- Handmade on Sunday and KM Design & Photo.

My URL isn't going to change from until after the first of the month. I have been sponsoring Love, Elycia this month and don't want to mess with that. Once April hits the URL name will change so please make sure to change any bookmarks or buttons you have linked to this site. I will post that again once the change happens.

This is still a work in progress. There are still a few things I want to add and a few things that need tweaking. But I thought this was a good start and should hopefully be finished by Monday.

I think this name change will be a good one as it is more reflective of who I am and what this blog as evolved to be. I hope you find this change as pleasing as I do.

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